Peachjar Info for Community Groups

  • Many local school districts have discovered that the old practice of sending paper flyers home in student backpacks is not as effective in today’s digital world. Beginning in August 2018, Santa Rosa City Schools will be sending digital flyers directly to parents through Peachjar. Paper flyers will no longer be distributed.

    Peachjar provides an innovative flyer management system that sends approved flyers directly to parents’ email inbox, and posts them online on all school websites and on each school's page here on the district website. Some benefits of using digital flyers:

    • With Peachjar, parents can easily find and view flyers
    • Flyers have buttons that allow parents to take action immediately, to sign up for activities and events
    • Program providers (community groups) can track their flyer's open rate, etc.
    • Flyers meet the needs of our community, as they are required to be in English and Spanish
    • Peachjar makes sure that the flyers are ADA accessible

    Get started by registering with Peachjar

    If you are a community group or organization that wants to distribute flyers to families in some or all of our SRCS schools, start by visiting and register an account as a “Program Provider."

    How much does it cost?

    Peachjar does charge a fee to Program Providers (also known as community partners, local businesses and organizations), but it is significantly less than the cost of printing thousands of flyers. If there is a cost for the service or activity being posted (for example, a camp that charges a fee to participate), Peachjar will charge the business posting the flyer $25 for each school that receives the flyer. There are also options to purchase bulk rate packages.

    Are any flyers posted for free?

    Program Providers posting flyers promoting free programs or events (for example, a library story hour or canned food drive, with no cost involved) can post their flyer for free, but will be limited to one free posting every 30 days. For more information, see Peachjar's Community Free Flyer Policy. If you have questions about Community Free Flyers in our district, contact Becky Zaleski, peachjar Account Executive, at 858-997-2117 x121 or

    Can I send flyers to teachers only?

    Yes, you can send flyers to teachers only. The same guidelines apply; however, flyers to teachers do not have to be in Spanish. If you are promoting a service or event that costs money, there is a cost to post the flyers to teachers only.

    How can I make sure my flyer meets school district guidelines?

    Look at the SRCS Flyer Approval Guidelines before you submit your flyer.

    Upload your own flyer or create a flyer with one of Peachjar's templates

    To upload your flyer for distribution to your desired schools within SRCS, login to your account at
    Peachjar provides step-by-step instructions on How to Upload a Digital Flyer. All flyers must be:

    • submitted in English and Spanish in the same document
    • up to four pages long
    • in PDF, vertical format
    • ADA accessible (able to be accessed by people with disabilities who use tools such as screen readers); scanned flyers are not accessible. Peachjar's upload process will create the "alt text" required when the flyer is uploaded.
    • Peachjar support staff is there to help...

    Peachjar Support
    Monday-Friday, 7am-4pm Pacific Time
    (858) 997-2117

    What happens after I upload my flyer?

    Every flyer from a Program Provider (community group outisde of our schools) requires staff approval before it can be posted by Peachjar. SRCS staff will review the flyer and approve or deny the request based on District flyer requirements. This process could take several days, so give yourself as much time as possible to get a flyer approved before any events. You will be notified when the flyer needs any changes, and when it's approved.

    How can I learn more?