• SRCS graduates college and career ready students with a deep understanding of content along with the mathematical practices, such as reasoning and explaining, through a program that spans all grade levels. The approach to math that SRCS uses is based on integrating concepts in content areas thus encouraging students to solve problems using all of their math knowledge and skills rather than focusing on discrete topics. In high school, for example, the integrated approach continually builds upon K-8 knowledge to reinforce skills and concepts while providing increased complexity in the domains of algebra, geometry and statistics in courses titled Integrated Math 1, Integrated Math 2, and Integrated Math 3. Successful completion of an integrated series enables students to access Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate and college level courses, and competitive entry into STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) and/or career pathways.

    SRCS math courses are aligned to the California Common Core State Standards for Mathematics which are based on three principles:  focus, coherence, and rigor. Each grade level has a set of standards that define what a student needs to understand, know and be able to do.