Guided Language Acquisition Design

  • Elementary educators from Santa Rosa City Schools participate in OCDE Project GLAD® training, a rigorous multi-year professional development model based on a collection of research-based, effective classroom strategies. It focuses on an integrated approach aimed at supporting language acquisition and proficiency in grade level content standards. It is not a program or curriculum. This comprehensive model meets the cognitive, linguistic, and emotional needs of all students and is vital for English Learners. Balancing between instruction that intentionally supports content and language development is critical when supporting our English Learners. Validated by the California State Department of Education as an exemplary model and by the Office of Bilingual and Minority Language Affairs as a Designated Academic Excellence Project, the model builds on a foundation of cultural literacy and language acquisition to support educators as they explore current research, learn effective instructional strategies to amplify their existing curriculum, and promote all students’ language acquisition and literacy.