Instruction FAQs

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General questions

  • What are the proposed schedules for elementary should the District be given permission to return to in person instruction?

  • When does school start?

  • For children struggling in school, what is the best learning option?

  • Does choosing Learning House or Distance Ed (not hybrid) affect an intradistrict transfer? Will the student be able to return to their transfer school in spring (if all back to normal)?

  • What if I don't complete the "Return to School COVID Update and Agreement" in the Parent Portal?

  • How will English Learners receive services?

  • Will parents be able to see all assignments and when they are due? (As they were able to do in Google classroom.)

  • Will the Zoom classes be recorded for families unable to have their children available for attendance?

  • Can there be a weekly schedule of assignments due, or even daily, as a checklist for us?

  • How are assignments going to be submitted (do we need printers/scanners)?

  • Will students have work to complete on Wednesdays?

  • Kids have “fallen through the cracks” during in-person school. The potential for them to “fall through the cracks” is multiplied in a full distance learning experience. How will that be addressed?

  • Will the academic year have to be extended?

  • Where can I find the 2020-21 Return to School Plan?

Learning house

  • What approved curriculum will be used for this program?

  • There is much confusion around Project Based Learning, how will this work online? What will the 'projects' look like for all grade levels?

  • What is the size of the group/class?

  • Will students in Learning House have the chance to take advanced math and English so that they do not fall behind if they decide to rejoin their classes?

  • Will there be students from more than one grade in a Learning House?

  • Do student interests play a role?

  • Does Learning House provide any Special Ed curriculum or services?

Distance Learning

  • Once a family makes a decision for returning to school in April, which they can update with a new March survey from SRCS, will the family be able to change the decision?

  • For the DL model, aside from the "schedule" received, what will this look like? Is the expectation that the students will be on the computer the entire time?

  • How many students will be in the cohort/hybrid setting once kids are able to go back to school twice a week?

for middle/high school

  • How will students get electives that need to be taught in person (such as ceramics, auto shop, choral)?

  • Will one or both distance learning options be acceptable to U.C. entrance requirements?